HEAJ Game Conference Speakers Bios

Mike Singleton:

Mike is a British author and video game developer who wrote various well-regarded titles for the ZX Spectrum during the 1980s. His titles include The Lords of Midnight, Doomdark’s Revenge, Throne of Fire, Dark Sceptre and War In Middle Earth. He also wrote a novel, The Eternal Empire, whilst at university. Before developing video games, Singleton was an English teacher in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, England.

In the late ’80s Singleton moved onto the 16-bit machines that were making an appearance, and worked on the classic Midwinter trilogy, also producing another work in the Lords of Midnight series in 1995.

Still working in games design, making him one of a few developers who have survived from the early days of home computing, Singleton has worked for Midas Interactive and Lucasarts on several games for the Xbox and Playstation consoles, such as the action games HyperSonic Xtreme and Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb. Singleton has most recently worked on the strategy game, Wrath Unleashed, with his latest production being Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows, a continuation of the 80s arcade classic Gauntlet series of games.

Anton Kaplanyan:

Anton is lead researcher at Crytek where he organizes and manages several research projects in real-time computer graphics in collaboration with universities. He organizes and improves the internal research infrastructure. He is also working on next-gen rendering architecture design and working toward delivering new techniques and products in visualization. Anton also investigates and integrates new technologies into Crytek’s own game engine ‘CryEngine’.

Marc Albinet:

Expert en jeu vidéo et plus particulièrement en game design, narration et mise en scène, Marc Albinet est un créateur de jeux vidéo dont certains sont devenus cultes, tels que Agony ou Little Big Adventure 2. Il enseigne également la conception de jeu vidéo au sein de plusieurs universités et écoles (Léonard de Vinci, université Lyon 2 – Gamagora, école Emile Cohl) et est régulièrement jury dans les écoles de création de jeux vidéo (Enjmin, Supinfogame).

Marc est également l’auteur du livre ‘Concevoir un jeu vidéo. Tout ce que vous devez savoir pour élaborer un jeu vidéo’. Editions fyp.

Jeroen Tel:

Jeroen (aka WAVE) is a Dutchman known for the numerous computer game tunes he wrote in the 1980s and early 1990s for the Commodore 64. He composed music for the famous computer games Turbo Outrun, Cybernoid 2 and Lemmings.

In 1987 Jeroen Tel targeted the computer music group Maniacs of Noise whose name is synonymous with computer game music. Since then Tel has composed for Nintendo Entertainment System, Commodore Amiga and IBMPc.

However, Tel’s name is most famously associated with the dozens of music scores he composed for the Commodore 64, achieving cult status within the computer gaming world. In the top 100 of the most appreciated C64-pieces of music from the High Voltage Sid Collection thirteen of Jeroen Tel’s compositions are to be found. Two are in the top 10.

For a couple of years now Jeroen Tel has been remixing his old C64 tunes and performing live as a DJ at several Micromusic parties in the world. He’s always doing this shows combined with the nice 8-bit animations of VJ The C-Men.

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